This site has spoken of many aspects of Vijay Bhatt,
the filmmaker. But what was he like at home, with his family? What was his daily routine?

This section is devoted to that side of the filmmaker that many don't know.

Vijay Bhatt lived in a rented house in Andheri West for many years. While he made super hit masterpieces, he chose to live on rent when he was shining in limelight. It was only before Baiju Bawra was concieved that he and his elder brother, Shankarbhai, purchased their individual bungalows close to each other in Vile Parle West. Since he had won a lot of acclaim for his films based on Lord Ram, he named his bungalow 'Saket', another name for Ayodhya. He lived in this house till he breathed his last.

Vijay Bhatt was very simple, humble and an extremely health conscious man. He would not sacrifice his daily walks for anything. Even on busiest of days, after packing up the shooting, he would ask his driver to take the car home and he would walk back. It was a common sight for the locals of Andheri and Vile Parle to see the famous filmmaker walking on the road. Even after he retired, he would go for walks every evening in a park close by or would take strolls in his bungalow compound.

His daily routine consisted of waking up at 7 a.m and listening to the radio till 7.30 a.m. He would take a long time to brush his teeth. Tea and breakfast had to be served to him at 8 a.m. He would then take a bath and sit for his prayers. After his prayers he got dressed to leave for work. He was always impeccably dressed - very consious of the latest styles. But at home he wore a simple 'pehran' and pajama. He got back home from work and spent time with his wife and four children. On holidays, he often indulged in a game of chess with wife, Rama. Vijay Bhatt had dinner together with his family at 8.30 p.m on the huge antique dining table that still exists in his elder son's home. He had a glass of milk at sharp 10 p.m. and then called it a day at 10.30. As evident, Vijay Bhatt was extremely particular about time.

Vijay Bhatt not only made films on Lord Ram but also followed principles from His life. He was ever helpful to the poor and needy, whether they were family or outsiders. There are plenty of people whose homes were set up by Vijay Bhatt. He even donated money to an old people's home in Gujarat in memory of his parents. He took responsibilty of educating girls from poor families in his native land, Palitana.

Vijay Bhatt and his three brothers, were together known as Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughna by many. The moment, Shankarbhai gave him a task, Vijay Bhatt actioned it immmediately. And if Vijay Bhatt did the same to his younger brothers, they too unquestioningly obeyed. There was a time when all the four brothers were way above their 60's but still did what the elder one asked them to do - be it buying a magazine or a pack of 'gaathiyas'!!

Bhatt was an avid reader. He read a lot of books on literature and History and has passed on his valuable library to his sons and grandchildren. He possessed many Gujarati and Marathi literary works and was fluent in Marathi and Urdu.

As a grandfather, he was very supportive and encouraging. His grandchildren remember him as the most lovable and modern grand dad. He kept himself informed of the latest music, saw MTV videos and never missed watching a hit film in a cinema hall. He loved taking his grandchildern to nearby hill stations on holidays and even indulged in a game of cards with them.

Never the one to say he was old, his face shone with brilliance till the very end.

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