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Renuka Connie Singh
19 Mar 2007I research every article with the name Meena Kumari, a soul that lives in my perpetual echo. How could this have been possible if it were not for Vijay Bhatt? Thank you sir, where ever you may be.

Mahendra Awode
23 Oct 2006Baiju Bawra was one of the greatest film produced and directed by Mr. Vijay Bhatt. I am working on the life of Meena Kumari with special reference to Shri Vijay Bhatt's directed films.

Pankaj Shukla
23 Sep 2006 It was a nice and soothing experience to chance upon a site dedicated to the memory of none other than Mr Vijay Bhatt.

Sanjay Jain
7 Mar 2006 I recently visited the Vijay Bhatt site and enjoyed the content.

Naresh 22
Jan 2006I was taken aback when I came across this website.

Manisha Patel
2005/12/06 I read each & every article of your tribute --website It is really heart touching specially that Mahatma Gandhiji touched his shoulder.Visit to this website was a result of my search to get the movie Narsi Bhagat.I wonder if you know where I can get the DVD/VCR for this movie. I really feel proud to read this article today. Thanks for great work.

Arvind Bhatt
2005I had seen his first movie'Baijoo Bawra" as a teenager in Bombay and as a budding classical music student I could not forget whata great contribution Mr. Vijay Bhatt made to the Indian Film industry. I was proud to share the same last name as his. Even today, having lived in the U.S.A. for the past 35 years I still recite the famous "Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko AAj" It was a great pleasure tovisit your web site. Are there any second genration Bhatt's in the Film Industry today?

Meera Bakshi 2005 Wow... We are very proud of Mr. Vijaybhai's achievements. All those films that I go through the list were known to me. Now all those films have more sentimental value. I yet have to go through all the facts provided on the web site, this is just a quick acknowledgement. Thanks.

Vijay Shetty
2004-01-01What a Man! What a Man indeed!

Himanshu Upadhyay - Editor 'Gurjari', The Times of India.
19-04-2005It is exciting to learn a lot about a great film maker and a great person like Vijay Bhatt. I remember Vijabhai as producer of a film Ramrajaya which was made twice and both the times by him. When I was a child tried to see the shooting at Prakash Pictures trying to stand on my toes...It was when I used to go to my nanee's house which was just opposite to Prakash Studio. (Shiv Niketan). I am really very happy to know about Vijaybhai while just surfing for Indian Hindi Films... May god bless the entire family of him and the soul of a great Gujarati.

2003-11-14 Glad to know more about a legend filmmaker. They say grand children inherit grandparents qualities hope to 2 legends from this family...

Neela Joglekar
2003-11-08Great job, the tribute to Vijay Bhatt.

Gaurav Mathur
2003-11-08Some interesting work put up here & I think the website on Mr. Vijay Bhatt is an excellent resource for filmmakers, designers, critics & students.


Do you have something to say too? Send your comments here

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