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Suresh Balaji
2003-11-08Great site on Mr.Vijay Bhatt...really awesome stuff...One of my colleagues was here when I was seeing the site...he freaked...he didnt know your Grandpa had made masterpieces like Baiju Bawra...Be took the url to read... Let people know about this sure there are lots of 'em wanting to know...

Jayant and Yogini Shroff
2003-11-04This is a wonderful sight befitting Vijaybhai. Congratulations and best wishes for taking on this worthwhile cause. This demonstrates a real talent. You have a wonderful beginning. Keep it up! All the best in your future endeavors.

Param Trivedi
2003-11-01I never thought that my Great Grandfather was such a famous man in the world. Who has gone to places to places and has won trophies and has got honoured by Gandhi. I love my Great Grandfather but I wish I would have met him.

Makarand Rajadhyaksha
2003-09-30My compliments on creating this website on Vijay Bhatt and achieving something you really desired for a long time. As much as I would have liked to compliment you on your creativity..I am too small a mortal as compared to gurus like you. Warm regards and all the best

Ajit Jani
2003-09-29As humans when we forget a past legend I really feel bad. but when, as human, somebody rekindles the past glory of a human, I feel good.

Kiran Borkar
2003-09-26Kudos to generation that pioneered cinema in India. Mr. Vijay Bhatt was a stalwart of that era and this site beautifully portraits his life and achievements.

Anand Trivedi
2003-08-12Excellent and well made. You have covered up everything.

Punit Oza
2003-08-16 Having watched "Baiju Bawra" countless number of times, I always wanted to know more about the creator of that masterpiece. This website has fulfilled that ambition of mine. It is a joy to learn so much about Vijay Bhatt - his Work and his Life. Full marks to Pauravi Bhatt on her efforts. Just to end on an interesting note, Mr. Vijay Bhatt's "Ram Rajya" sill remains one of the top ten Box Office Grossers of all time - an achievement which speaks volumes about the man and his work and devotion. Thanks for this experience.


Do you have something to say too? Send your comments here

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