Now that this site is up and running, I feel as if I've accomplished one of life's missions. It all began when I started scouring the world wide web, looking for certain information about Mr. Vijay Bhatt. Much to my dismay, all I got was a brief filmography and irrelevant information. It was really sad that a legend like him was literally ignored on the www. That's when I determined to give the man the credit he deserved.

Today, this site is a detailed source of information on the legendary filmmaker, for his admirers. For me, it's a tribute to my grandfather. An effort that has been made possible with help of my father Arun Bhatt, who provided me with many interesting, unknown facts and very important details; my mother Bharati Bhatt for carefully preserving the stills and press clippings for all these years; my sister Jahnavi Bhatt and Wigbert Piedade for writing the copy; my brother Chirantan Bhatt, for helping me key in the copy; Luanne Coutinho for designing the back-end at unbelievable speed; Krishna Unni for his invaluable inputs; Rajesh Khanna for helping me get this site up on the world wide web. And finally I thank 'Bhai' for being the best grand dad.

- Pauravi Bhatt

Know more about Vijay Bhatt, the family man.
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